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Streets of Monaco

The Street of Monaco is a luxury yacht and the only one of its own kind which replicates the city on which it is named. This yacht has giant floating mansions that incorporate every single amenity. It is also very well known as the most expensive personal yacht in the world.

The Street of Monaco contains many luxurious facilities such as the helipads, decks, bowling alleys, spa and swimming pools. This yacht also boasts miniatures of Hotel de Paris, the Loews Hotel, Monte Carlo Casino and also tennis court, swimming pools as well.

The Street of Monaco yacht is built by Yacht Island Design which is 155 meters long. This super yacht creates an imitation of a floating island with excellent stability. It gives you everything that you might in a landlocked resident.

The luxury of Street of Monaco yacht is incomplete without the waterfalls, go-kart track, swim-in Jacuzzi and also a movie theater. There is a replica of huge building instead of decks on the yacht. There is also an artificial beach on the board, along with the waterfalls. For easy on-off access they have their own helicopters and also submarines instead of regular boats. On the 445 sq m. area of the yacht, is the three floored main apartment which can be home for 16 guests as well as 70 crews. To connect the upper and lower living areas of the yacht is the Atrium with seven guest suits, bedroom, balcony, bathroom, dressing room and reception.

It also has a platform which is used for holding smaller yachts when the respective owner needs something to get around it. The most striking feature of Street of Monaco is the F1 track which runs around the deck with a tunnel complex. The spark of car racing makes the yacht even more innovative.

The Street of Monaco is basically famous as the floating city due to its unique theme reflecting the style and classiness of the yacht!

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